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Jan 04

Christmas in Galveston, TX

Time to go to the beach for Christmas break! Nana and Gramps met us as we got to Galveston State Park.   Christmas crafts! We had lunch at a fun restaurant decorated like a rain forest! We had a thunderstorm every half hour and some of the animals would come to life every so often …

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Nov 27

Thanksgiving in Kansas

We swung through Kansas on the way back down to Texas… because that’s on the way, right? Actually it’s probably in the exact wrong direction given the time of year, but hey, we got to check off another Little House stop – the Little House on the Prairie! It was closed for the season and …

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Nov 16

Roaring River State Park, Missouri

Our stay in Missouri at Roaring River State park brought an early Christmas for the girls! They had been asking for a visit to “someplace Laura and Mary” lived, after having read all the Little House books. We were 2 hours away from the House on Rocky Ridge and told them we were going to …

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Jul 31

Pease Porridge Hot

Pea beans, which I have no idea what those actually are, make up the Bean Porridge that Laura Ingalls and her family loved: “No supper was so good as the thick bean porridge, flavored with a small bit of salt pork, that Ma dipped onto the tin plates when Pa had come home cold and …

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