Jan 04

Christmas in Galveston, TX

Time to go to the beach for Christmas break! Nana and Gramps met us as we got to Galveston State Park.


Christmas crafts!

We had lunch at a fun restaurant decorated like a rain forest! We had a thunderstorm every half hour and some of the animals would come to life every so often as well!

We visited an awesome train museum on the island!

Christmas eve. See our cute little Christmas tree? We went to find that the weekend before Christmas and it was laying at a register, like someone had put it there after joking about buying it. The only other trees they had left were half brown and really really big. We joked about the tiny tree and then asked the cashier how much it was. When she realized we were serious, she told us to take it for free! Our little Charlie Brown Christmas tree fit our space perfectly and the kids had a blast decorating it!

Zach got his main gift before Christmas so we got him a package of M&Ms to open on Christmas morning. I should have been taking a video instead of pictures, he thought it was the best gift EVER to have his OWN bag of M&Ms!

Special Rag Dolls from Laura Ingalls Era.

What else do you do at the beach on Christmas day?

A LOT of foggy days at the beach!

The Houston police department has a mounted division and they allow the public to come feed carrots and apples to the horses every day during the week during specified visiting hours. This horse had one blue eye and one brown and was deaf, and loved eating!

This horse wanted love almost more than treats and would hold his head perfectly still for all the kids to pet him. If we walked away, he would nod his head up and down really big, and then hold still again when we came close, to receive our petting!

The horses had stalls that allowed them inside or out and any that were outside would come quickly when they saw us coming, hoping for treats!

It was a great time at the beach and we enjoyed spending time with Nana and Gramps!

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  1. Doug S

    I’m glad to read this today- I was just making Thanksgiving reservations for Galveston. Thanks for the info!

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