Dec 17

Cedar Hill – Bikes and Weather Delays

The first time we came to Cedar Hill it was beyond hot. This time it was cold, dreary and rainy. We were glad for breaks in the weather to get outside and play!

They broke the wheel off of this dump truck but that doesn’t slow them down!

since we stayed in one spot for a couple weeks, we decorated a little for the season!

It’s not cold outside mom! But my hands were cold…

We let Ryan have his Christmas present early – We’ll get the helmet on him eventually but for now he can’t hold the bike up and push with his feet at the same time so we’re letting him get used to it first.

Don’t be fooled – he’s holding his bike up nice and carefully while he waits for me to stop taking his picture and come back and push him!

When the weather’s nice enough to be outside but they want to play trains…Notice the shadows, I think the sun shone on us for a couple hours this afternoon before hiding behind the clouds again. The most sun we’ve had in a couple weeks!

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