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Jan 04

Christmas in Galveston, TX

Time to go to the beach for Christmas break! Nana and Gramps met us as we got to Galveston State Park.   Christmas crafts! We had lunch at a fun restaurant decorated like a rain forest! We had a thunderstorm every half hour and some of the animals would come to life every so often …

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Dec 01

Back to Texas: Mineral Wells State Park

Glad to drive south away from freezing nights and cold winds, we made our way to Mineral Wells State park just west of Fort Worth. Here we got to walk across a spillway. The spillway was actually built higher several years ago because the capacity of the lake went down – so instead of dredging, …

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Nov 27

Thanksgiving in Kansas

We swung through Kansas on the way back down to Texas… because that’s on the way, right? Actually it’s probably in the exact wrong direction given the time of year, but hey, we got to check off another Little House stop – the Little House on the Prairie! It was closed for the season and …

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Nov 16

Roaring River State Park, Missouri

Our stay in Missouri at Roaring River State park brought an early Christmas for the girls! They had been asking for a visit to “someplace Laura and Mary” lived, after having read all the Little House books. We were 2 hours away from the House on Rocky Ridge and told them we were going to …

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Nov 05

Lake Thunderbird, Oklahoma

When camping near the water in Oklahoma, expect wind! It was a very breezy stay here but the view in our backyard was spectacular! We celebrated Halloween while we were here, and enjoyed free hot dogs, candy, and games!  We also had a great science day at the Oklahoma Science center! The scale train display was Zachary’s …

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Nov 01

Roman Nose State Park, Oklahoma

We are in Oklahoma for a couple weeks. Driving through Oklahoma is tantalizing – they have a sign at each new town you drive through stating a handful of interesting things to see and do in the town. Being unable to stop and explore each town is a little sad! We spent several days in …

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Oct 25

Weekend Camping at Martin Creek State Park

We stopped at Martin Creek State Park in Texas for 2 nights. We asked the kids the first night at dinner if they wanted to go camping – Becca immediately said “we don’t have marshmallows!” We live in an RV. We stay at campgrounds literally every night. Yet camping requires marshmallows. Probably because “camping” to …

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Oct 12

Fort Richardson State Park

We got to stay at Fort Richardson State Park for a few days. Our site had the best climbing tree ever! The deer visited the field by our campsite each evening, and first thing in the morning if you were quiet, you could see them in our campsite! The walking tour of the fort was …

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Oct 08

Final Day at Caprock Canyons

Wednesday was our final day at Caprock Canyons. We finished up the Jr. Rangers booklets and went down to see the Rangers to get the badges. We learned a little more about the Bison while at the visitors center and were comforted by the fact that the Buffalo Jerky for sale was not local… We …

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Oct 06

Paulo Duro State Park

We were within spitting distance of Paulo Duro so we went there for a day. Along the way there we found our happy place! Paulo Duro is an interesting canyon because you’re out on the prairie, then all of a sudden the ground opens up and there’s this vast canyon in front of you. We …

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