Dec 01

Back to Texas: Mineral Wells State Park

Glad to drive south away from freezing nights and cold winds, we made our way to Mineral Wells State park just west of Fort Worth. Here we got to walk across a spillway. The spillway was actually built higher several years ago because the capacity of the lake went down – so instead of dredging, they just built the wall higher. Given the amount of “spill”, it looks like they will need to build it higher again before too much longer!

file_000 Science experiment: we split hydrogen and oxygen molecules apart in this jar of water… one of the easier experiments we’ve done and such a great way to end a science chapter about how elements combine together (or, as in this case, break apart).

20161128_150429032_ios Can you guess which bubbles are hydrogen and which are oxygen?

20161128_150507319_ios With one day for play, we dove into Fort Worth to the Stock Yards.


img_8450 img_8548


There’s a new sheriff in town…img_8492

Cattle drive down main street!


Look, a cowgirl!



We met this cowboy later as we were leaving – he was really nice and encouraged the kids to pet his horse.


Playing in the train station/strip mall. Zachary kept asking to watch for the train… he wasn’t disappointed!img_8474We got to talk to the conductor who let him up to see inside the train, even without a ticket! That said, Zachary was very worried about the fact that he didn’t have a ticket and wouldn’t sit in one of the seats because he was too concerned about the train leaving with us in it! 20161129_191133895_ios


Train is parked for the night!



The original turn-table. You can see down the station to the train parked in the yard from here.


We also got to give the girls an early Christmas present!


When the handler called Rebecca in first to mount her horse, Eliana whispered excitedly to me, “I get to ride the pretty one!!” img_8521



Zachary got to pet the barn cat and climbed the bleachers to peek at the other horses.



Later we saw a horse drawn carriage and Rebecca told us how boring it would be to simply ride in the carriage – riding on the horse was much more fun!


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