Dec 27

Austin, Texas

We spent a quick couple days in Austin before heading to the beach for Christmas. We packed a lot into a short stay and had fun exploring Texas’ capitol city.

First up, we managed to arrive after dark again, oh well. But it was an exciting night with some noisy visitors after midnight… Ever heard a band of coyotes? They sound like a cross between a small dog barking and a child screaming. I kind of felt sorry for the tent campers because while I was safe and snug in my camper, they had nothing but a taunt bit of fabric between them and the wild. The kids slept through it so we had to pull up a recording on youtube to show them what they missed.

Austin gets into the Christmas Spirit! These trees were on the highway right at an exit. There were more but it’s hard to take a picture from a moving car!

We visited the Lyndon B. Johnson Presidential Library.


He wasn’t very popular when he left office, but he did a lot while in office!

Spent a day at Zilker park in Austin, playing at a huge playground, taking a Christmas train ride, visiting the botanical gardens, exploring a small science center, and returning after dark to walk the trail of lights.

The Science Center had a dinosaur dig that was a lot of fun!

A botanical garden in Texas is not complete without a cactus garden!

Trail of lights was VERY crowded but the kids enjoyed it!


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  1. Theresa Deschamps

    looks like they had a good time. Happy New year

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